This course introduces students to the business and practice of music production.  Through instruction and practical experience, students will learn the ins and outs of music production as well as the true role of a producer in the music industry.  Topics include the analysis of song-form structures, analysis of chord structures and melodic form and growth, song improvement techniques using musical form, harmony, and melodic variation, and using basic orchestration techniques to quickly enhance music projects.  Physical techniques include music arrangement changes using DAW tools, direct instrument replacement, the addition of more musician-performed parts, and the use of MIDI sequencing to add musical contributions using MIDI keyboards and computer-based sounds.  Students will also learn how to develop recording project budgets that cover rehearsals, studio tracking, studio musicians costs, mixing, mastering, etc., and also about the importance of client relations and session protocol.  The semester highlight will be actually producing an EP for a local artist/band.