Studio D is a specialized production studio that combines a voice-over/overdub recording booth (with acoustic upright piano) and a personal-sized control room specially equipped for its music production capabilities.  Students will have access to a powerfull Pro Tools system and other DAWs.  The emphasis is on music production (sweetening/composition/arranging) and Studio D delivers with large state-of-the-art sound libraries unavailable in other parts of the studio complex.  Bring a project in from any other studio and use the specialized tools in Studio D to produce a super-track!  The live overdub capabilities and 1st-rate monitoring system are icing on the cake.

Studio D’s nickname… Solitary Refinement.

Recording Console

  • Allen and Heath ZED14

Audio Recorders/Editors

  • Maxed out iMac/Pro Tools system with huge instruments/plug-in library
  • MOTU Digital Performer recording/editing/MIDI system
  • Logic Studio Pro recording/editing/MIDI system

Monitor Speakers/Amps

  • Digital Designs LS-161 Nearfield Monitors
  • Crown DC-300 Stereo Amplifier

Microphone Preamps

  • 6 channels Allen and Heath Mic Pres
  • 4 channels MOTU Mic Pres

DAW Effects Plug-ins

  • Waves Silver Package
  • Pro Tools Package
  • Logic Pro and Digital Performer Packages

Reverb/Delay/Imaging Effects

  • Waves Impulse-Response Reverbs
  • Logic Pro and Digital Performer Spatial Plug-ins

Musical Instruments

  • Upright Acoustic Piano
  • M-Audio Keyboard Midi-Controller
  • Many Software-Based Instrument Packages including:                                                     MOTU Symphonic Instrument, Garritan Instant Orchestra,  Apple’s Software Instrument Libraries, MX4, MachFive, Instant Orchestra, and many more


  • Top-end 16 GB Apple iMac i7,  3.9 GHz Quad-Core computer w/fusion drive
  • 150+ Industry Standard Studio Microphones available