Mastering has become a very prolific part of the music industry for audio engineers.  With more “do-it-yourself-ers” out there than ever, mastering engineers have found their talents to be invaluable.  They are the “final set of ears” for the recording industry and have become the saviors for many music recordings that have gone awry.  Studio C Mastering is an acoustically beautiful control room built for the art of mastering, with the versatility for mixing and limited tracking.  The even, neutral acoustics combined with ultra-premium audio equipment makes this the ultimate listening/working environment for anything audio.  The Midwest’s finest Mastering Studio.

Recording Console

  • Neve 8816/8804 16 channel Summing Mixer w/Neve premium 192-khz digital output converter option

Audio Recorders

  • Digidesign Pro Tools HD2 system w/large mastering plug-in library
  • Waveburner Mastering/Authoring Software
  • JAM Mastering/Authoring Software
  • Tascam CD-RW901SL Professional CD Recorder/Player
  • MOTU Digital Performer recording/editing/MIDI system
  • Logic Pro recording/editing/MIDI system
  • Alesis HD24XR 96-khz Hard Disk Multitrack Recorder

Monitor Speakers/Amps

  • Legacy Audio customized “Aeris” Audiophile Speaker pair                                                     w/ Emotiva audiophile Amplification
  • Dynaudio Acoustics BM12A Nearfield Powered-Monitors
  • Anthony Gallo Acoustics A’diva Ti 5.1 Surround Audio Speaker System

Mastering Processors

  • Neve 8803 Dual Eq
  • Sontec MEP-250EX Parametric EQ
  • Langevin/Manley Mini-Massive Stereo Passive EQ
  • Avalon VT-747 Stereo Compressor/EQ
  • Manley Variable Mu Stereo Compressor/Limiter
  • dBx Quantum Digital Multi-Band Processor
  • Aphex Dominator II
  • dBx 1066 Compressor/Limiter

Reverb/Delay/Imaging Effects

  • Lexicon PCM-70
  • Lexicon PCM-81
  • Lexicon PCM-91
  • Waves IR-1 Impulse-Response Reverbs

Microphone Preamps

  • Toft Audio Designs ATC-2 Stereo Mic Pre/EQ/Compression
  • ART TPS-II Stereo Tube Mic Preamp

DAW Plug-ins

  • Waves Broadcast/Production Bundle + other Waves Plug-ins
  • Focusrite, Bomb Factory, Joe Meek, Moog, etc, Bundle
  • SSL Duende – Audio Engine and Classic SSL Processors
  • Waveburner Plug-in Bundle


  • Apogee “Big Ben” Master-Clock
  • Seven-unit DVD/CD Duplicator
  • 65″ 1080-p HD LCD Video Monitor
  • Oppo DVD Player