Studio B is a modern, stylish studio that is the perfect combination of a compact recording space with four isolated rooms, an acoustically sound and versatile control room, and powerful automated mixing capabilities.  Our students learn the functions and workflow of an industry standard control surface for tracking and mixing, as well as how to integrate outboard processing with “in-the-box” style mixing.

Studio B is perfect for smaller music recording sessions, radio & T.V. commercial voice-overs, audio for film/video, and foley.  Studio B features 5.1 surround sound capabilities, thereby enabling our students to learn and practice their surround-sound skills through various music and video mixing projects.

Recording Console

  • Industry-standard Digidesign Control 24 Mixing Surface w/ 16 Focusrite Preamps and 16-channel analog bussing housed in a customized Argosy Console

Audio Recorders

  • Pro Tools HD2 system with huge plug-in library
  • MOTU Digital Performer recording/editing/MIDI system
  • Logic Pro recording/editing/MIDI system
  • Alesis HD24XR 96-khz Hard Disk Multitrack Recorder
  • Tascam CD-RW402 CD Pro Recorder/Duplicator
  • Nakamichi MR-1 Master Cassette Recorder
  • M-Audio Microtrack portable Stereo Digital Recorder
  • Apple Final Cut Studio Audio/Video/Film Recording/Editing Software

Monitor Speakers/Amps

  • Alesis ProLinear 820 DSP and JBL LSR 2328 Nearfield Monitors
  • Klipsch Reference 5.1 Surround Audio System
  • AudioSource Audiophile-grade Mono-Block Amplifiers

Microphone Preamps

  • 2 channels Joe Meek Twin Q – Stereo Mic Pre’s, Compressor, and EQ
  • 4 channels Focusrite ISA428 Mk II Mic Pre’s
  • 4 channels SSL X-Logic Alpha VHD Mic Pre’s
  • 2 channels ART Pro-MPA Mic Pre’s
  • 16 channels Focusrite Platinum Mic Pre’s

Dynamics Processors

  • 2 channels dBx 1066
  • 2 channels Joe Meek Twin Q
  • 2 channels dBx 163

Reverb/Delay/Imaging Effects

  • Lexicon PCM-70
  • Yamaha SPX 2000
  • Lexicon MX-400 (surround)
  • Lexicon LXP-1
  • Lexicon LXP-5
  • Waves IR-1 Impulse-Response Reverbs

Musical Instruments

  • Chickering  5’8″ Grand Piano
  • Roland JV-30 Synth (+ any on site)
  • Yamaha Custom Birch drum set
  • Roland, Vox, and SWR amps
  • Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Basses, Mandolin, Various Percussion Instruments, Violin, Trumpet, Woodwinds, etc.


  • Apple Macintosh Tower Intel 8-processor computer
  • 50″ Samsung 1080-p HD Video Monitor
  • JVC Video Recorder/Editor
  • Apogee “Big Ben” Master-Clock
  • Oppo DVD Player
  • BBC and other sound effects libraries
  • 150+ Industry-Standard professional studio & location microphones