IAEA began in 2004 as an answer to a recurring problem at BRC Audio Productions, as well as many other studio complexes – taking in interns from various audio schools around the country who were very interested in a career in audio, but far from ready to do pro-level engineering work upon graduation.  The majority had extremely limited hands-on experience and an an even more limited scope of musical understanding and appreciation.  A great audio engineer must not only know the tools backwards and forwards, but understand and be part of the musical process, whatever the genre!   Sadly, the value of hands-on experience and musical training seems to have been lost on many audio engineering schools.  Audio engineering is not only a technical trade but a musical one – Imagine a surgeon who has studied how to safely use ultra-sharp knives and saws (his professional tools) but knows nothing about human anatomy!

At IAEA we teach our students to become professional-level audio engineers who really know what they’re doing – trained to understand sound, signal flow, and the tools of professional audio as if they were second nature, and apply those skills through a highly developed and diverse musical sensibility.  In addition to that, in the two-year span of the Audio Engineering Arts program each student will have gained enough hands-on technical experience to far out-class the competition.  IAEA offers an immersive, comprehensive experience that will fully prepare you for any career path in today’s audio/music industry.